Chassis Spend Management

The Challenge

This service combines information from trucker’s dispatch system, chassis provider invoice data and uses tailorable business rules to dramatically decrease the workload of line items that need to be reviewed as part of the reconciliation process. It also captures and records holes and opportunities within the existing chassis billing processes at the transaction or customer level to improve chassis profitability. The overall result is significantly reduced administrative effort, greater visibility and control of the process and making chassis more profitable.

Do you have chassis that your own or long term lease? The Chassis Spend Management service provides an instant analysis on that usage and profitability to enable you to make better decisions on deployment of these assets and whether to obtain more, including any M&R expenses.

Automated Audit

Business Rule Driven

The Automated Audit Saves Time and Delivers Accuracy.

Automated Audit

The Intermodal Data Hub is a cloud hosted system (SaaS) designed to leverage Motor Carrier TMS (Transportation Management System) and IEP (Intermodal Equipment Provider) invoice data.

Revolutionizing the Chassis Billing Process

The automated audit starts with a base comparison between the available TMS and IEP data. The data is compared side by side and is automatically matched according to business rule guidelines.

Extensive Rules Based Service

Set up rules to automatically dispute line items, mark them as under-billed or approve them for payment

Data Visibility

Generates Clarity

Dashboards and Drill-Down Reporting For Clarity

Data Visibility

Visibility starts in the cloud. Traditional chassis billing reconciliation and disputing often required cumbersome spreadsheets or at worst piles of paper. As a cloud hosted software as a service, the IDH system is available 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Never loose site of your data!

The Intermodal Data Hub offers motor carriers reduced reliance on spreadsheet based comparisons. Thanks to drill down reporting, IDH customers can view their bills at many levels of detail based upon need. If disputes are electronically filed, the system offers visibility to the queue.

Never lose sight of profits!

Once IEP and TMS data are loaded and compared, the IDH system clearly identifies the financial position of reconciled line items.

Chassis Billing

Identify Missed Opportunities

Accurately Charge Your Customers For Chassis Usage

Chassis Billing

The Chassis Billing feature is a central data repository for all applicable chassis billing rules. It is highly configurable and reduces the burden on operations to understand all the potential billing scenarios.

Clearly View Missed Opportunities!

Once the motor carrier shipment data is loaded into the IDH, the system applies business rules set up according to the customers contracts. This allows for accurate rate calculations saving time and money.

Never lose sight of profits!

Missed chassis usage billing opportunities are a major contributor to lost profits.

Agent Visibility

Data Allocation Optimization

Streamline The Flow of Information

Agent Visibility

The agent visibility features of IDH are designed from the ground up to streamline the reconciliation and dispute process of agent chassis billing.

Individual and Network Visibility

Agents can now view just their portion of the data, thus reducing confusion and extra information. This visibility is extended across the entire business network allowing, if needed, global view of bill status and amount changes.

Stop Using Spreadsheets!

The added clarity from the agent visibility functions remove the need for the “endless spreadsheets” that plague the traditional data flow.

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