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Orchestrating the Middle Mile of the Intermodal Supply Chain

Intermodal Data Hub is a web based platform designed for intermodal collaboration.

Neutral Platform

The IDH platform integrates with all major transportation management systems (TMS) and intermodal equipment providers (IEP's).

Cloud Based

All services are cloud based and require no local software installations or regular updates.

Intermodal Focus

IDH's services focus specifically on the unique data needs of the intermodal supply chain.

Why IDH?

IDH combines real time visibility with multi-party intermodal workflows to drive costs out of the supply chain.


IDH takes visibility to the next step with configurable collaboration based on common intermodal processes.


IDH enables improved resource planning, reduced per diem costs, and streamlined exception management.


By providing multiparty participation in 7 specific intermodal workflows, cost & friction is removed from everyday processes.


Who We Serve


Link your carriers with enterprise class visibility.

Improve cycle time and reduce transportation spend.

Advance from spreadsheets/emails to a collaborative workflow.


Integration with all major dispatch systems.

Quick & complete quoting that can be recorded/analyzed.

Reduce errors & improve chassis profitability.

Logistics Providers

Provide branded service with all of the supply chain advantages.

Offer enterprise class visibility & collaboration.

Streamline inefficient processes.

What People Are Saying

"Streetturn is an integral piece of our business and future plans. Their Intermodal Data Hub provides great internal and external visibility and collaboration. We have been able to decrease our dirct per diem costs, make money money on chassis, and offer a compelling service to customers."

Mike Burton

C&K Holdings

"In addition to helping us lower per diem expense and improving chassis profitabiliy, IDH gives us the opportunity to offer a  new class of service to our shipper customers and become more of an integral partner in their supply chain."

Trey Gibbons 

MAT Holdings

"We run between 100 and 200 containers in and out of our South Bend facility weekly. Managing this flow and controlling per diem with multiple truckers has proven possible with IDH."

Ty Angelus

Lippert Components