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Same data and services as, with a new look and enhanced services!

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Working Together to Empower the Intermodal Supply Chain

Intermodal Data Hub is a web based platform designed for intermodal collaboration.

IDH has  integrated with most intermodal dispatch systems such as Profit Tools, Trinium, etc.

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About Us

Optimize Performance with Best In Class Intermodal Solutions

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Chassis Spend Management

Reconcile pool invoices with your dispatch system. Record utilization and profitability of your owned or leased chassis.

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Per Diem Reconciliation

Streamline the uploading and processing of SSL per diem invoices.

Virtual DC

Take visibility to a new level with intermodal specific collaborative workflows.

What Our Customers Say

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Chassis Spend Management

Slash Clerical Time

Reduce processing time by 50% or more. Integrated dispute process with Trac Intermodal.

Improve Consistency

Facilitates standard practices with a rules based system tailored to the nuances of chassis.

Increase Profitability

Improve usage and profitability of leased and owned chassis at your fingertips.

Standard Integration

Integrates with all major dispatch systems.

Profitability by Chassis

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Per Diem Reconciliation

Systematize Process

Reads the relevant data from SSL pdf invoices, audits with your system, and tracks the process through remittance.*

Service to Customer

As a result of the 2022 Ocean Reform Act by the FMC, billing for per diem and demurrage will be to the contracted parties. This provides an opportunity for those wanting to service the shippers.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate possible lockouts by prompt and accurate payment.

*Requires Connection with your Financial System

Track and Manage Per Diem Invoices

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Virtual DC

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Optimize Resources

With improved visibility of incoming containers, resources can be better planned and utilized.

Streamline Processes

Auditable process for delivery scheduling, empty notification, accessorial approval, and per diem management.

Lower Costs

Reduce labor costs, inventory stock-outs, and container per diem.

Make It Yours

Branded, customizable portal for logistics providers and larger BCO's.

Single Consolidated View

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Who We Serve

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  • Link carriers with enterprise class visibility

  • Improve cycle time and reduce transportation spend

  • Advance from spreadsheets/emails to a collaborative workflow

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  • Integration with all major dispatch systems

  • Quick and complete quoting that can be recorded/analyzed

  • Reduce errors and improve chassis profitability

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Logistics Providers

  • Provide branded service with unique supply chain advantages

  • Offer enterprise class visibility and collaboration

  • Streamline inefficient processes

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Key Features


Cloud Based

All services are cloud based and require no local software installations or regular updates. 


Intermodal Focus

IDH's services focus specifically on the unique data needs of the intermodal supply chain.


Integration First

The IDH platform integrates with all major transportation management systems (TMS) and intermodal equipment providers (IEP's).


24/7 Visibility

Our web based platform allows for nonstop access to your critical data at any time.

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