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Before the Intermodal Data Hub, participants would work within the functional silos of their company’s TMS system and “collaborate” by email, EDI and trucker and or NVOCC specific portals.

These approaches, incremental as they are, each have obvious shortcomings in fluidity, visibility and scalability. The Intermodal Data Hub fosters a many to many, relationship specific experience based on specific business problems.

Current services include, Virtual DC (last mile BCO collaboration and visibility), Chassis Spend Management and Dray Quoting.

24/7 Visibility

Our web based platform allows for non-stop access to your critical data.

Cloud Based

Cloud hosting removes the need for on-site IT support and dedicated hardware.

Integration First

By design, our platform can openly integrate with most intermodal software and data sources.

Team View

The platform supports multiple users in multiple locations, facilitating teamwork.

The Intermodal Data Hub Story

TRAC Intermodal and Streetturn.net have formed a joint venture called the Intermodal Data Hub. This venture leverages proven services and success stories around Chassis Spend Management, Last mile visibility and dray quoting and approval.

Intermodal Data Hub automates the chassis billing and reconciliation process between motor carriers and intermodal equipment providers (IEP). The Intermodal Data Hub platform is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that simplifies billing operations, increases efficiency, boosts chassis margins for the motor carrier, enhances data visibility and improves collaboration across the intermodal supply chain.

Intermodal Data Hub applies business rules and software capabilities to provide a clear and concise reconciliation of all IEP invoices against billing data imported from the motor carrier’s Transportation Management Systems (TMS). This process reduces the workload and complexity of standard billing by quickly and easily identifying the status of each invoice. In addition, Intermodal Data Hub uncovers profit opportunities by identifying charges from the IEP that have not been invoiced or reconciled between carriers and IEPs. Intermodal Data Hub subscribers are provided with a dashboard view of their billing operations and overall profitability.

TRAC Intermodal

TRAC Intermodal is North America’s leading intermodal equipment provider and chassis pool manager. TRAC Intermodal provides short term rentals through an extensive chassis pool network, long term chassis leasing and pool/fleet management through the utilization of its proprietary PoolStat® information management system. TRAC Intermodal’s active fleet consists of approximately 278,000 chassis. TRAC Intermodal has a broad operating footprint with 591 marine, 159 domestic and 53 depot locations across North America and is the leader in providing chassis solutions to the intermodal industry.

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