A Profit Center Approach to Intermodal Data Managemet

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Chassis Spend Management

This service combines information from trucker’s system, chassis provider invoice data and uses tailorable business rules to dramatically workload of line items that need to be reviewed as part of the reconciliation process.

Virtual DC

Provides a neutral platform for “last mile” visibility within the intermodal supply chain. This is primarily a BCO directed service where we take a real time data feed from multiple trucker’s dispatch systems, combined with rail and port tracing to provide “total picture” visibility at the DC level.

Drayage Quoting

A neutral platform for truckers to upload their “rate book” and generate comprehensive dray quotes to the customers they work with on a regular basis. Customers, can and do log in to get their dray quotes at all hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the business relationship between Intermodal Data Hub and TRAC Intermodal?

Trac Intermodal has formed a partnership with – a leading provider of collaborative software tools serving the Intermodal market place, to offer the Intermodal Data Hub, a valuable and powerful SaaS tool.

What will Intermodal Data Hub do for my company?

Intermodal Data Hub will quickly show your profit and loss on chassis usage by customer, increase your profitability from chassis usage and significantly reduce time spent on chassis reconciliation. Intermodal Data Hub will also improve audit accuracy, expedite payment and dispute processes, and reduce spreadsheet based comparisons.

How is the Intermodal Data Hub priced?

Intermodal Data Hub is a monthly subscription service and can be paid on a month by month basis, no contract is required. Yearly subscriptions will provide a discounted rate. The monthly fee depends on the number of trucks within your organization; contact your Trac Intermodal sales representative for further information. Onboarding, training and product enhancements are included.

What is required for my company to start using Intermodal Data Hub?

We require a communication link with your TMS provider to supply the TMS data. Your IEP invoice data is required. TRAC invoices will automatically be transferred into the Intermodal Data Hub via EDI. Other IEP provider invoices will need to be uploaded into the Intermodal data Hub in .csv format. We do require participation in a one hour training class.

How many users within my company can access the Intermodal Data Hub at the same time?

An unlimited number of users can simultaneous access at any time as long as each user has a unique ID and Password

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