Virtual Distribution Center

The Virtual DC provides real time, neutral party visibility to shipping data from all drayage truckers servicing your Distribution Centers regardless of their system or EDI ability.

The Challenge

Imagine the scenario: Key merchandise is out of stock, but a shipment is due to replenish stock.  The only information available is that the shipping container with your much needed merchandise outgated the port an hour ago.  The uncertainty is causing problems across your network of stores as the promotion for this product line starts tomorrow.  Immediately you start emailing and calling all parties involved to locate your freight.

Now imagine the scale if there are 8 distribution centers with about 20 containers delivered each per day in your network.


The Solution

The Virtual DC provides a bridge between the port/rail data and the trucker’s transportation management system (TMS) data. The organization of this data creates supply chain visibility and strategic reporting opportunities.

Key Features Include:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Free Day Management
  • Empty Notification
  • Real Time Map Visualization
  • Visibility and approval of container per-diem


The Virtual DC


Distribution Center Level Visibility

Neutral Platform

Provides a neutral platform for “last mile” visibility within the intermodal supply chain.


Enhanced Booking

A DC can review and set appointments for inbound shipments.


Enhanced Movement Tracking

Track each step of the process from when it is on the street to managing container and chassis per diem spend.

The final frontier in managing the intermodal supply chain is “last mile” visibility.  Management of the “last mile” is essential for the BCO to remain profitable in the modern marketplace.  Real time visibility to the “last mile” demands that companies pool data from a broad group of intermodal partners including steam ship lines, rail roads, drayage truckers and more.

Gary Chilo

Founder, Intermodal Data Hub

Data Visibility

The Last Mile and Beyond

Reporting and More.

Data Visibility

Visibility starts in the cloud. The neutral Virtual DC platform interfaces with all major intermodal data feeds.

Never loose site of your data!

View your entire supply chain down to the last mile in one location.

Never lose sight of profits!

Complied data leads to better decision making and in the end profitability.

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